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Michael Morris


I was born sometime between The Empire Striking Back and electing a president to who referred to the Soviet Union as the Evil Empire on a live mic…So I grew up “Saying my prayers, eating my vitamins, and stayed in school,” because I wanted to grow up to be Hulk Hogan. Didn’t everybody…but I wasn’t blessed with athletic grace…I was aware of the personalities inhabiting what was then the WWF, but I didn’t watch much as a very young kid…My first memories of regular watching would have been around 1995, I was then and still am now more of a WWF/E guy…So I am now using The Network to expand my appreciation of wrestling history, and other promotions outside of the WWE. I’m doing my best to make pro wrestling fans of my three sons…

Growing up I was a news and sports junkie, and once upon another life ago, I was going to grow up and be the Sports Information Director at Notre Dame…until life happened. But in working toward that end, I spent a summer as a student being the entirety of the Sports department for the Alamogordo (N.M.) Daily News. During my college days, I was a student assistant in the sports information department at New Mexico State. After graduating I served as an intern at the University of Oregon. And I worked briefly as an assistant SID at the University of Idaho.