Fundraising with Pro Wrestling 4 Causes

We are Pro Wrestling 4 Causes, a subsidiary of Midwest Sports Entertainment LLC. Our goal is simple, provide your organization a unique fundraising option where YOUR bottom line is OUR bottom line.

Now that might be easy to say but how do we ensure this?
By streamlining our expenses substantionally, we will insure that the majority of ticket revenue gets directly donated to the intended organization.

Why pro wrestling?
We know that Pro Wrestling can often have a negative stigma, part of our motivation is to prove what a great vehicle pro wrestling can be when executed by a competent organization whose heart is in the right place and passionate about accomplishing great things. By carefully adhering to a strict budget, getting help from others in our industry, and working with the passionate members of your organization, we feel, together, we can put together a fantastic event.

But we need your organizations reach to make this a success!
Your organization needs to be the engine that powers this sports car! We bring a turn-key pro wrestling live-event with four to six matches over the course of roughly two hours, we will run a raffle and will provide prizes, donating the raffle money to your organization. We will have either 1-longer intermission or 2-shorter ones depending on what ancillary events (silent auctions, wrestler photo opportunities) are happening throughout the event. We will produce posters and pre-sale tickets, additionally, we will promote the event through our web and social media platforms. We will also have a security team to monitor the event and a volunteer team to run our activity and interactive tables and to help as a support team. You will need to mobilize both your volunteers and your supporters directly and through social media to help ensure the event is a success. This is YOUR event, we are providing affordable and unique entertainment for you to market and promote, and being a passionate partner to make sure it is as successful as possible.

Why do we do this?
The overriding reason is simple. It’s the right thing to do!

Eli McCausland, Brain Sager and Carol Castle all have varying experiences working for, and with, nonprofit organizations and know how important it is for them to be efficient and streamlined to be successful. There often isn’t a lot of wiggle room between a money-making event and one that breaks even or even loses money. Carefully regulating the bottom line and being good financial stewards, while still providing an exciting, unique entertainment option is an exciting opportunity.

Eli is also the proud father of a child with severe special needs who is inspired by her daily. Nothing infuriates him more than an organization who chooses to partner with a professional wrestling group, has a “successful” event, only to net a small donation for the organization.

Transparently, we are building a business and a brand, we believe in positive energy and good results that come along with being good people and compassionate business people. We are working to build both our brands, Midwest All-Star Wrestling and Pro Wrestling 4Causes. Gaining exposure to new crowds with new eyes is a great way to build our overall organization. Even though we don’t directly financially profit from these events, we think the overall benefit, on all aspect of our organization, are huge positives for our mission on how we want to conduct ourselves as a small part of a much larger community.

If this sounds good to you and your organization, please contact us today so we can start planning an event we will all be proud of. Working with us will hopefully be the start of a long-term business relationship, thanks for your time!