Open Letter

Thanks for reading this letter. You are probably wondering who we are and what we are about, I hope this letter helps to shed a little light.

We live in an exciting time in the history of professional wrestling. Never have there been so many options for fans at their fingertips, and at local venues throughout the Midwest (and world), to consume the type of pro wrestling they enjoy.

Local wrestling is thriving, and with good reason. Young, hungry, talent is being cultivated by quality wrestling training schools, The Academy (MN), IPW (IA), Black and Brave (IA), The Thumpers Den (WI), Glory Pro (MO) and many others are properly preparing these performers for potentially great futures. These talents are populating shows throughout the region and some will be the stars we see on national television in the future.

Pro wrestling also continues to be a powerful vehicle for accomplishing great things. The smiles and laughter from young fans. Older fans fondly remembering their youth and performers of the past. The creation of life-long supporters who get to follow the journey of their favorite wrestlers. Raising much needed funds for organizations and individuals who need a hand.

These reasons, amongst others, are why Midwest Sports Entertainment LLC. (operating as Midwest All-Star Wrestling & Pro Wrestling 4 Causes) was created.

Midwest Sports Entertainment is an organization that hopes to continue to facilitate the growth of the sport in the region while utilizing professional wrestling as a vehicle to impact lives and benefit communities. We are not attempting to reinvent the wheel, we do not have plans to “take over the world”.  We are a humble organization who wants to contribute and enhance the ecosystem of professional wrestling in the region.

Here’s what we say to each member of that ecosystem:

To the hard-working wrestlers:
We will give you a place to work and get better. We will produce, promote, and market your skills in a way to maximize our symbiotic working relationship. If we have contacted you, we look forward to working with you in the future. If we have not, contact us, we’d love to hear from you and we look forward to working with you as well. We value your talents, your drive, and your love for the business.

To the other promotions in the region:
It’s 2017, let’s work together. We are strong believers that cooperation will ultimately result in better business for everyone. This is not the days of the territories and outlaw promotions. In today’s climate with only one (ostensibly) national promotion, we are either a) the territories or b) the outlaw promotions, so it makes sense to combine efforts to help the region grow. We look forward to talking and working with all of you.

To charitable organizations and individuals in need:
We would love to facilitate any help we can offer. If you are part of an organization that is looking for a unique way to meet your fundraising goals, contact us today, if you are someone who knows of an individual or family that need assistance through a tough time, contact us today, we might not be able to help everyone but we will do what we can.

To local businesses who want to help spread the word about what they do/offer:
Contact us today. In the same respect where we hope to work with other companies offering professional wrestling, we are excited to work with progressive thinking businesses of all sizes on cooperative efforts and initiatives.

To the fans:
Always know that you are the life-blood of this business. We feel privileged to earn your fandom and support. We think you will enjoy the product and presentation we are going to offer. We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us, we think it’s going to be a fun ride!!

We are also ALWAYS actively looking for volunteers in a variety of capacities and roles. If you
want to join our team, contact us today, we’d love to have you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, as I said I hope it helps to “shed some light” on who we are as an organization.
If you see either a Midwest All-Star Wrestling, or, Pro Wrestling 4 Causes, Live-Event come to your community, give us a try, we hope that will be the start something great. Whatever you do, continue to support Independent Professional Wrestling, where you can see tomorrow’s stars today!!

Thank you.

The Midwest Sports Entertainment Team
-Eli McCausland, Brian Sager, JP Wenner, Carol Castle /