Eli McCausland

(Co-Owner, Communities Outreach Liaison, Event Coordinator,
Facilities Booking Agent)  /  (507)649-9055

Eli is a student of the game. A fan of professional wrestling as a young child, he rediscovered his love when a friend told him “you have to see this promotion called ECW”, that was in 1998,
and he’s loved it ever since.

Eli began following local wrestling in 2001, and began running his own local shows in May 2002 under the Neo-Pro Wrestling name. He ran many shows from 2002-2005 and saw future national names like Austin Aries, Shawn Daivari, Ken Anderson, Eric Rowan (Thoruf Marius) along with local stalwarts Horace the Psychopath, Mitch Paradise, Pete Huge, Arik Cannon, and many others grace the Neo-Pro ring.

After taking time off, to help raise a family, including his youngest daughter who has special needs, he’s now ready to get back to business.

“I found myself missing it more and more, and felt the time is right” says McCausland. “I always knew that if was going to get back into promoting, helping people needed to be of paramount importance, that’s why ProWrestling4Causes was created”.

“I’ve always loved the good that pro wrestling can produce, we can help those that need it most,
through fun and entertainment, that’s pretty awesome, we look forward to helping as many people as we can.”

In 2017 (and beyond), McCausland says he’s more excited about local pro wrestling than he ever has been.

Brian Sager

(Co-Owner, Community Outreach & Volunteer Liaison, Event Coordinator)

Greetings and salutations, Wrestling fans!

My name is Brian Sager. Some of you indy wrestling fans might remember me as “Hollywood” Brian Sager. After a long hiatus away from the wrestling business, I have returned to help lend my work ethic, experience, and passion to co-promoting Midwest All-Star Wrestling.

During my 13 year tenure of being active on the active circuit of the wacky world of pro-wrestling, I worked for several different groups and held several championships in that time frame. My trials, tribulations, weight problems, and severe shoulder injury forced me to retire from the ring in November 2016. My hard work and accomplishments were acknowledged by IWI, as they inducted me into their Hall of Fame.

Outside of wrestling, I have a Bachelors Degree in Education with emphasis in Child & Family and a minor in Business.

I look forward to contributing and working with passionate individuals and to make MAW a premier organization that is coveted by businesses, fans, and competitors.

See you at the matches!


Brian Sager (“Hollywood”)

JP Wenner

(Co-Owner, Head of Multimedia)

JP first discovered pro wrestling when he saw Disco Inferno win a battle royal on TV in 1995. The storytelling, television production and cartoon aspects of wrestling immediately fascinated him and he’s been obsessed ever since. As he grew up, this fascination inspired JP to explore many creative paths: film-making, visual arts, web design and of course… pro wrestling!

In 2001, at only 15, he used his developing web design skills to build wrestling fan websites. This lead to him getting his foot in the business by building MIW’s original website. A year later, July 4th, 2002, JP made his debut as a pro wrestling referee. He traveled the MN/WI area working with guys such as Austin Aries, Ken Anderson, Horace the Psychopath, Christopher Daniels, Sick Nick Mondo, Mad Man Pondo and Ian Rotten. Around 2003, JP was hired by Eli McCausland to work as a camera operator for Neo-Pro Wrestling and eventually became their senior referee.

JP attempted to leave the wrestling world to focus on film-making, video production and his own visual art. But once you have the bug, it’s hard to get rid of. He made many unscheduled appearances over the years, including randomly refereeing a ROH World Championship match in 2009.

Finally, he’s ready to get back into the crazy world of wrestling on a full time basis. Teaming up once again with Eli, and the rest of the Midwest Sports Entertainment crew, he plans to help promote and produce a great wrestling product as its Head of Multimedia!


Carol Castle

(Event and Volunteer Coordinator)

Carol has strong roots in amateur wrestling. When Verne Gagne died, she worked hard and founded the Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame. She wanted to make sure that Minnesota wrestling was recognized for being the epi-center of all wrestling. The Minnesota Wrestling Hall of Fame is housed in the Robbinsdale Historical Society. Robbinsdale, Minnesota is the birthplace of Minnesota wrestling.

A fan of all styles of wrestling, technical wrestling has always been her favorite. Verne Gagne, Billy Robinson, Curt Hennig, Eddie Guerrero are some of her favorites. She loves working with Midwest Sports Entertainment on bringing the best talent and the best fan experience, every show.

Carol has a Masters in Sports Management and is a certified coach in basketball, baseball, football and wrestling.

Zoe Zeppa

(Videographer & Media Associate)

Zoe Zeppa is a relative newcomer to pro-wrestling, having been formally introduced by her then-boyfriend at 2013’s Elimination Chamber in Minneapolis. Taken in by the high-impact athleticism involved, Zoe has been a fan ever since.

Raised in Duluth, Zoe attended the film program at Emerson College in Boston, receiving her BA in 2008. During her time at college, Zoe performed with comedy troupe The Girlie Project, also serving as their head of media. After graduating, Zoe returned to Minnesota and worked on several film projects in the Twin Cities, including the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man. 

After working media jobs for a year, Zoe decided to move into her true passion, education. She received her Masters from St. Catherine University, as well as her PreK-6th grade teaching license in 2012. She has taught ever since in public, charter and private schools. She currently teaches Pre-K in a private school and loves how messy, noisy and lively little kids are.