Just Announced: Mid-Season Premiere 01/11/19 – Into the Woods

Just wait until you see what we have in store for 2019 as our Mid-Season Premiere kicks off the new year on January 11th!

Just signed: Air Wolf vs. Scott Story as the Best of Five Series comes to THE HISTORIC MOUNDS THEATRE for Match 3!

Advanced Tickets on sale now:  http://buytickets.at/midwestallstarwrestling/219079

Into the Woods will also feature the Thrilling Conclusion of the Tag Team Title Tournament featuring:

Book Club vs. Renaissance Revolution

The Dark Prophecy vs. Critical Mass

Also signed: 
“Starbreaker” Aiden Wake vs. Devon Monroe

A #1 Contenders Match for the MAW Championship!

With more of your MAW Favorites in action: Austin Arrow, Kyle Pro, and Stonehenge!

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