06/09/18 MAW: Live at the Mounds – Season Finale Results

LIVE from The Historic Mounds Theatre – St. Paul, MN

The night started off with MAW Commissioner Brian Sager introducing the newly crowned MAW Champion, Garrisaon Creed, who had won the title at the most recent MAW event in Hudson, WI. Sager began asking Creed a question when he was abruptly stopped by the music of Rylie Jackson. Jackson came to the ring and challenged Creed to a match for his MAW championship. Creed, not happy about being disrespected in his first appearance as a champion, accepted Jackson’s challenge, setting up what would be the main event later in the evening.

+ El Tigre defeated Seto Kobara w/ Nikki Herman via pinfall

The opening contest was originally scheduled featured Seto Kobara against Antonio Marquez, but Marquez was unable to make the show so El Tigre stepped in on short notice. Kobara came in to MAW with a good amount of hype surrounding him but he’s been less than successful in the promotion thus far. Unfortunately for Kobara, his losing ways continued in this one as he was defeated by El Tigre after a frog splash.

+ Lore defeated JDX by pinfall

Two of the Academy’s brightest pupils, Lore and JDX battled in the second contest of the night. Both men had their moments, but it the end saw Lore catch JDX, who went for a cross body off the middle rope, throw him up onto his shoulders for a fireman’s carry and slam him down with a Michinoku driver.

+ The Book Club (Leonard Literacy and Dewey Decimal) defeated Wild Pete and Aiden Wake by pinfall

This was a rematch from the most recent MAW event at Uncle Mike’s Em Pour E Yum in Hudson, WI when Dewey Decimal stepped in as Leonard Literacy’s tag team partner.

Literacy punished Wild Pete early with forearms before delivering a huge power bomb. Pete escaped to the outside of the ring, but Literacy wasn’t done with him as he took to the air, diving through the ropes onto both Wake and Pete! Decimal then came around and jumped from the apron with a flipping plancha onto all three men! Dewey and Leonard landed some nice combination tag team moves onto Wake as they continued to control the match, obviously surprising Wake and Pete who expected to win this match easily. Dewey worked on Wake in the ring but Pete snuck around and pulled Leonard off the apron which distracted Dewey long enough for Wake and Pete to take over. Pete eventually delivered an Attitude Adjustment onto Dewey while Wake forced Leonard to watch. Pete arrogantly covered Decimal for a near fall, but Decimal reversed into a crucifix pin for the surprise victory!

Furious with the outcome, Pete and Wake immediately attacked the Book Club after the match. Pete put Dewey into a crippler crossface while Wake forced Leonard to watch. It appears as though this feud is only getting deeper and more personal.

+ Ryan Cruz defeated Austin Arrow by pinfall

Arrow dominated most of the match early until Cruz caught him off guard and dropped his throat across the top rope. Cruz had control through most of the match but Arrow began to pick up steam right before the referee got inadvertently knocked out. Cruz used the moment to grab a metal bar of some sort and try to hit Arrow with it but Craven Knyte came out stopped that from happening. Knyte took the foreign object and headed to the back but Cruz was eventually able to recover enough to hit Arrow with a spinning head kick for the win.

MC Laszlo was just about to announce that the show would be going for intermission but Kyle Pro came out and interrupted him. Pro explained that he was considering Rylie Jackson’s “open challenge,” but since Jackson was already wrestling Creed tonight, then he would have to make a challenge of his own. Pro pointed to the crow’s nest, up in the Heel Turn Radio commentary booth, where Orin Veidt sat. Pro called out Veidt, who was surprised but was happy to accept the challenge.


+ Orin Veidt defeated Kyle Pro by pinfall

Veidt took the the microphone, noting once again that he’s the best wrestler in the Midwest and that the people are lucky to see him tonight.

Veidt and Pro battled back and forth throughout this match with neither wrestler having the upper hand for too long. Veidt went for an electric chair drop but Pro countered it into a reverse hurricanrana! He then delivered the Kyle Driver (torture rack into a neckbreaker) but Veidt kicked out. Veidt recovered and dropped Pro onto his head with a cradle piledriver. Veidt went for a Witchhunter but Pro countered with a back bodydrop. He picked Veidt up and gave him a another variation of the Kyle Driver, this time a torture rack into a sit-out facebuster which nearly earned him the win! Veidt recovered and caught Pro with a low blow then a slingshot DDT over the top rope. He picked Pro up and gave him an electric chair drop to a front slam, which earned him the pinfall.

Veidt taunted Pro after the match and knocked him down with a kick to the chest for good measure.

+ Chainsaw King defeated Craven Knyte by pinfall

Chainsaw attacked Knyte from behind to start the match and brutalized him with some vicious strikes. Knyte finally got some offense going when he slid out of King’s powerbomb. King rolled out to the stage where Knyte flew off the middle rope onto him, knocking King into the fans in the front row, one of whom he took a seat on. A clothesline knocked King down and Knyte connected with a cross body over the top rope to the floor! Knyte got back onto the apron where he attempted a flipping plancha onto King, but got caught in mid air and chokeslammed onto the ring apron! King back body-dropped Knyte onto the stage and went for a dive through the ropes onto him but Knyte countered with a kick to the face. Knyte got on the middle rope and dove out onto King, who caught him momentarily but then got DDT’d onto the stage! Knyte went for a 450º splash off the top rope but rolled through it when King moved out of the way. He got up and was met with a massive dropkick into the corner from King. An overhead belly to belly suplex nearly got King the win. Knyte recovered and gained control but Seto Kobara came out and distracted the referee. Knyte knocked Kobara off the apron but King came from behind and applied a full Nelson onto Knyte then slammed him down for the win. King and Seto celebrated together after the match, seeming to form a new partnership.

Ryan Cruz came out and taunted Knyte after the match. Knyte chased him and attacked him up on the stage! Security separated the men but they kept breaking apart and attacking one another! The fans chanted “let them fight,” wanting to see another match between two of Minnesota’s best.

+ Garrisaon Creed defeated Rylie Jackson to defend his MAW Championship

Rylie used speed to avoid Creed early in the contest, almost taunting the champion in the process. Creed eventually had enough and clobbered him with a huge forearm that send Jackson flying into the corner. A pair of chops later and Jackson’s chest was beet red. They battled to the outside and by the merchandise tables as well as around the ringside area. Superfan Michael Earl Pam even got involved as Creed had him hold Jackson’s arms while he gave him another big chop to the chest. Creed celebrated in the ring but that gave Jackson an opportunity and he took it. He attacked behind and took over control of the match. Jackson nearly won the match with a lightning quick DDT but that seemed to wake Creed back up as he ran over Jackson with a series of shoulder tackles and elbows. Creed went to the top rope but Jackson caught him and threw him off, then connected with a sidekick to the jaw which also nearly earned the pinfall. Later in the match, Jackson countered Creed’s fireman’s carry and gave him a flying knee. Creed eventually got Jackson down and won the match with a frog splash.

Creed celebrated his first successful MAW Championship defense when suddenly the lights dimmed. Chainsaw King attacked, with the help of Seto Kobara, and left Creed laid out under his championship bell. King took the microphone and stated, “it’s going to be a short reign.” Creed got back up which prompted Seto Kobara and King to hit the ring again. Creed knocked Kobara into King and slammed Kobara to the mat. King backed away and Creed celebrated with his title again to end the show.

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