Midwest All-star Wrestling returns to Uncle Mike’ M Pour E Yum in Hudson, WI on Sunday, March 11th for “Madness in March… Oh Yeah!” and it will feature the Quarter-Finals of the MAW Championship Tournament. Doors open at 3:00pm and Bell Time is at 4:00pm.

“The Midwest Mack Truck” Moses Mayhem vs. “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne

Moses Mayhem has been extremely impressive since his debut his debut in MAW. He plowed through Aiden Wake back in January and defeated both Wake and Boardman, in a handicap match, in February. “The Mack Truck” is looking to continue mowing down his challenges to be in the front of the line for an opportunity to be number 1 contender to the MAW Championship. However, in his way now is his biggest challenge to date, literally. Joseph Wayne (of the Maulers) is looking to knock The Mack Truck off-road on March 11th. Also, if there is one Mauler, the other is probably not too far away. Plus, the Maulers seem to be inspired by Orin Veidt, since their unity with the Dark Prophet at MAW LIVE ON February 16th. The deck is certainly stacked against Moses. Will he overcome the odds? Find out on Sunday, March 11th.

Jacob Savage vs. School Boy

Schoolboy won the inaugural “Warrior Award” when he won the 2017 All-Star Rumble. He defeated El Tigre in the first round and has found success so far in MAW!! Jacob Savage has also been on fire since entering MAW, at our two Big Lake events he beat “Officer” Rob Justice and “That Guy” Patrick McDaniel, in the first round of the MAW Tournament he defeated Graves (of the Maulers). Savage is a top star in other local promotions and is looking to make his mark in MAW by beating Schoolboy on his way to MAW Title! Many believe Schoolboy is the underdog, however, Schoolboy seems to find an equalizer in his Book of Pro Wrestling and his All-Star Rumble plaque.

Zakk Neo vs. Tommy “Spiderbaby” Saturday

Neo defeated “Stonehenge” Joseph Wayne in a tremendous upset to get to the Quarter-Finals. Zakk Neo has had one of the best win/loss records in MAW and he knows how much him winning this match and subsequently winning the MAW Title would affect his career and standing in the Midwest Pro Wrestling scene. This is Neo’s dream and he knows getting past Spiderbaby won’t be easy, that’s for certain.
Spiderbaby, on the other hand, received a bye in the opening round, due to the stipulation of
the 8-man tag match; he was the sole survivor of back in November. Spiderbaby has shown a mean streak, as of late, and his confidence is at an all-time high. Spiderbaby feels he has the advantage and that Neo will be counting the lights on Sunday, March 11th. We shall see, as it might be Spiderbaby counting those very lights!

“Soldier of Fortune” Garrison Creed vs. Wild Pete

Wild Pete has been very lucky thus far in the tournament, considering the fact that he wasn’t originally a participant in the tournament, but due to outside interference, he pinned Literacy to take Leonard’s tournament spot. Even with Leonard as the special guest referee last month, he managed to win his first-round match against a very tough competitor in Downtown Petey Brown. Is it possible that his Cinderella story carries him into the semi-finals?
Could Pete exact his ultimate revenge against his once best friend and become the MAW Champion?
A win at Madness in March, would be his next step to that end.
However “the Soldier of Fortune” stands in his way.
Garrison Creed is on a roll and looks to continue his winning ways in MAW. Creed recently got a huge win against Duke Cornell at the Parkway Theater. Creed will have to watch his back. Pete has his posse watching his.

Tyler Jones vs. Maru
Many reading this May notice something odd about this match, Steve Stardom originally beat Maru to advance in the tournament, however, due to his failure to appear in the main event at Valentines Massacre, and in seeing Stardom blatantly used an weapon (tape wrapped brass knuckles, that was later recovered and examined, thanks to the fan that turned it in😎) the executive committee has been forced to make the following decision.
Steve Stardom has been suspended for 60-days! He will be returning at our May event and we know he won’t be happy, but the combination of these infractions called for a serious response.
So, Maru has been informed that he will, in fact, advance, because of how he was “beat” by Stardom, to meet Tyler Jones who won an excellent contest last month against his friend UGLY.
Both of these competitors have everything to gain, as a trip to the semifinals of the tournament is at stake. So we know one thing for sure, this will be a spirited contest!

Leonard Literacy vs. “The Real McCoy” JDX

In a match that has a great chance at stealing the show, fan favorite Leonard Literacy takes on a young upstart JDX. JDX (w/Rylie Jackson) decided to “Make their own opportunity” in MAW when they ambushed “Downtown” Petey Brown and Ty Cooper when we were at The Parkway Theater at MAW-Live! That is a match we have a feeling we will be seeing too, but Leonard saw what happened and requested this match. Literacy says he sees some of himself in JDX, although his methods are much different. JDX had an awesome match with Brandon Gore and probably would have been asked back to MAW without his antics.


UGLY vs. Rylie Jackson

Jackson has been extremely arrogant since his MAW “Young Lion’s” Match back at the Parkway Theater, in February. He said he wants some real competition and can prove he deserves a spot on the main roster and can beat anyone on the current roster. MAW Commissioner Brian Sager put the word out to the MAW locker room and it didn’t take long for someone to accept the open challenge. UGLY has not been thrilled with the youngster’s antics and looks to instill some humility into him on Sunday, March 11th. This match will be on the preshow, which starts at 3:30pm, so be sure you come early!!

Kyle Pro vs. Koda Jacobs
Kyle Pro had a great debut against Rylie Jackson at The Parkway Theater as they went to a 10-minute draw!! MAW had lots of fans send us messages saying they thought he deserved another chance, so at Madness in March he gets it!!!!
Get there early because this match is I’ll take place at 3:30 pm, so be there to cheer on Kyle and to let Koda know how you really feel about him!!!


Advanced Tickets are available at

Otherwise, tickets will be available at the door

Or, if you want the best deal possible, reserve your party today, for $40 you get:
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(4) complimentary drink tickets good for either a domestic tap beer (for those of age) or a pop.

Great Deal, Great Times, Live Pro Wrestling at Uncle Mikes in Hudson, Wisconsin, just across the river, ONLY 20 minutes from eastern metro suburbs. If you have plans, you better change them! You don’t want to miss this one!

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