As the beginning of the MAW Championship Tournament rapidly approaches, we’re going to take a look at each competitor as they’re announced. First up: One man who does it by the book, and two who will break any rule in it!


After being the sole survivor in the 8-Man Elimination match at MAW All-Star Rumble ‘17, Spiderbaby has earned a spot directly into the second round of the tournament. While only officially having a record of 3-1, he stated that he considers himself 6-1 because he defeated Team Creed “single handedly.” Getting to skip an entire round of a tournament sure plays into one’s favor, but can his bye guide him all the way to the championship?


School Boy made his MAW debut in shocking fashion. He “outlasted” 14 other men to become the first ever All-Star Warrior. Even with him not yet getting a singles victory, that honor has placed him directly into the tournament. School Boy says he will bring home 4 straight victories, and the title, just like he brings home straight A’s. Will his dirty school yard tricks be enough for him to graduate to champion?


Normally, Leonard Literacy would be an odds-on favorite to win the championship. With his impressive win/loss record and “never say quit” attitude, it’s easy to see who most people would have their money on. However, his brutal feud with Wild Pete has taken his focus away from the ultimate prize. Can he regain his focus, or will his journey to the championship be a short story with a sad ending?

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